Monday, December 12, 2011


Oaks states that tracking is bad because it causes children to stay in the path that the teacher feels is best for them. The kids in the lower tracks will be given less homework that is not as challenging. The focus would be on the upper track kids who are given the class work that would challenge them. This will not only cause in school tracking but also tracking in life. Oaks argues that the kids in the lower track will end up in the lower paying, blue-collar type jobs.
There are certain part that I agree with Oaks but I also believe that in the younger grades, tracking should be in place so that every child has a good foundation for the rest of their school career. I have see tracking at the elementry lever and it can be very chaotic but it is also very beneficial. Tracking should be done up until the 4th grade. I believe that at this point that many students have a good foundation for writing papers, doing math problems and writing a lab in science.

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